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I’m a Graphic Designer who likes taking photos.

I have a love for all things polaroid and film, and my vintage camera collection is getting seriously out of control. Exploring the world around me through a lens and capturing the beautiful little things in everyday life that we sometimes miss,
is one of the things I love most. Moments in time, light, lines and shapes I trap forever in little squares of Polaroid goodness.

And I’m only beginning to explore the possibilities of film, both medium format and 35mm…

You can view a bit of a photo gallery on mywebsite if you like, and I have a shop selling prints over here. I can also often be found over on my flickr page being inspired by wonderful talented people.

And, sometimes I can be found over at the light collectors, a blog that I’m working on with one of my favorite people ever, Leah.

Say hi,

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  1. Cybele Belschansky permalink
    29/10/2009 21:27

    Scuse me, I don´t write in english well, but I love your photos, that I see in Flickr.
    Congratulations and much Peace!

  2. 11/04/2010 13:44

    I love your work! Your shots represent what I feel I want to capture but can’t – a life full of experiences but with only the suggestion/implication of human presence. The green velvet chair is enticing, and the aquarium shots have inspired me to visit once again with my children in tow (since they’re all so young it makes it a busy and tiring day!).

    I have bookmarked your site, though I’m often so busy that I don’t get to check the blogs online much and tend to follow most in a feedreader. I couldn’t find an RSS button for your blog – di I just overlook it?

    Anyway, now I’m off to check out your flickr stream :)

  3. 02/09/2011 10:08

    Your photos are amazing. I came across your site for the first time today. Your photos reminded me of feelings I had when I was a kid – they made me think of easier times, simple, beautiful. You are very talented.

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