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© 2010 Ashley Oostdyck

There are so many rolls of film on my desk and in my bag—and let’s face it, all over the place—that need developing. But I finally got a roll back from a visit to Esk recently. After a rather crappy nights sleep I ventured out of our motel at 5am and wandered about the little country town on a Sunday morning.

Exploring a town in the quiet of an early morning is quite wonderful.

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  1. 26/11/2010 03:43

    isn’t it! and esk. such a pretty little town. we’ll need to do some exploring when i’m home.

    • Ash permalink*
      26/11/2010 15:28

      yes! we have lots of adventuring in our near future :)

  2. 30/11/2010 00:49

    i love the first one.

  3. 17/01/2011 15:23

    wow – Esk never looked so good:)

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