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To me there is nothing better than loading a camera with high speed black & white film, and spending the day at an aquarium. Ok, maybe there are plenty of things better, but that ranks pretty high for me.

Each tank is filled with the most amazing of creatures, and you’re bound to go home with stories of things you’ve never seen before. And on film, each curious little creature seems more like a work of art.

I’m thinking these might make a nice set for my wall…

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  1. 05/03/2010 11:45

    very cool – i love the crab…he looks a bit, well….crabby

  2. 05/03/2010 12:12

    The aquarium is my daughter’s favorite place in the whole world. She wants to be a sharkologist, she says. ;)

    • Ash permalink*
      06/03/2010 00:31

      We would get along famously, when I was her age, I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. Still do really :)

  3. sunshineonthesewertop permalink
    05/03/2010 14:00

    I agree, that is a day well spent. A fantastic day! :)
    These pictures are GREAT!!!! You had such good lighting and your choice in film speed was excellent.
    These should certainly go on your wall, they make a great series.
    thanks for sharing your escape. LOVE these photos.

  4. Ash permalink*
    06/03/2010 00:32

    thanks ladies!

  5. Ashley Erin permalink
    06/03/2010 07:14

    Lovely! I do so love aquariums but I hadn’t thought of taking Black and White film there. What a fabulous idea! Great shots too.

  6. 06/03/2010 11:53

    At the risk of repeating Ashley Erin, aquariums are also one of my favorite places more than zoos and I too never thought to use b&w film. I’m always concerned with capturing the colors but b&w film gives the underwater feel so much more myster. I love the photos you’ve shared in this post. Especially the one of the seahorse, which is my favorite aquatic animal.

  7. 06/03/2010 21:11

    i love every photo you’ve taken at the aquarium. these are so amazing, i love it in b&w!

  8. 08/03/2010 10:52

    great idea! I think I may have to do this over spring break!

  9. 14/03/2010 01:39

    I always thought I was a big fan of color, but these black and white shots make me think otherwise.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  10. 28/04/2010 08:35

    These are so beautiful. I love how dark and mysterious they are–they almost don’t look like they were taken of an aquarium at all, but of some shadowy, magical river instead.

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