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do kitties smile?


Yes. Happy eyes, curling tails and rumbly purrs. They smile with their whole body… when they want to.
I miss having a kitty about the house. This little guy introduced himself in a shop, during our weekend travels.

And now that we’re halfway through the week, I can start thinking of the next weekend! Sitting in front of the fan, sipping cool mineral water, and snapping pics about the house has been a recurring theme lately. I think that routine might stick for a while after a bit of an accident and some nasty back pain. No gardening for me this weekend! But, some relaxing, reading, and general laziness might be just perfect anyway.

Any plans for your weekend?

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  1. 24/02/2010 23:34

    sorry to hear about your back – hope it gets better soon. your about the house shots are outstanding, though, so there will be no complaints if there are more of those!

  2. 25/02/2010 01:44

    i just love these three pictures together, very much.

  3. 25/02/2010 02:45

    I miss my cat too … Shredder. She was a family cat and still lives with my parents.

  4. 25/02/2010 03:48

    yes they do!
    and sorry about your back!!

  5. Ashley Erin permalink
    25/02/2010 04:55

    I’m sorry your gardening plans are out, but snapping pictures is always a fun way to spend the weekend. I love the shot of the kitten here, just lovely! For me the weekend is still to far away to plan, I just go with it as it comes. :)

  6. 28/02/2010 09:07

    Totally diggin’ that second photo. Very peaceful.

  7. 01/03/2010 05:21

    Such a beautiful light one the 3 photos ! And the kittie is so so cute …

  8. 01/03/2010 07:26

    i love your last 2 photos!

  9. 09/03/2010 10:59

    Gorgeous teapot photo… :)

  10. 11/03/2010 12:16

    Love these all!! Esp. the second one :) So cozy. Makes me wish I could curl up inside your photograph and escape the chaos of right now.

  11. 16/03/2010 10:50

    Beautiful shots…I like to joke that my kitty is a boy dog stuck in a girl cats body who loves nothing more than human food and sleeping…she makes me smile everyday.

  12. 23/04/2010 08:10

    LOVE the smiling kitty photo! I can almost hear him purring his little heart out. Simple, beautiful photo!


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