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outtakes from the bathroom


hi there.

this year has had a very busy start. I have a few projects on the horizon, and hope to be stopping in here a little more often. but for now, here are some outtakes from the archives. I quite like them as a set :)

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  1. 28/01/2010 00:11

    i like all of these together, but #2 and #4 just blew my mind. so good, ash.

  2. 28/01/2010 09:07

    oh these are so lovely as a set. hope things slow down for you soon. xo

  3. 28/01/2010 10:07

    come on. outtakes…? too good, miss.

  4. 29/01/2010 03:07

    oh that #4 just made my morning a little better. x

  5. 31/01/2010 21:06

    your photos are truly inspiring!

  6. 11/03/2010 12:20

    WOW! This is SUCH a lovly post. :)

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