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Home sweet home


After a few months lived in limbo, we’ve just finished moving into a lovely old home. There is still plenty of unpacking to do, and lots of furniture purchases to make—a sofa would be rather awesome—but it feels like home. It’s old, it has it’s quirks, but that just adds character. It’s also filled with light, fresh air and so much space … exactly what we needed.





I think I’ll go through a few rolls of film here…


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  1. 12/10/2009 22:31

    I would love to live in an old home like this. Look at the woodwork! I’m so happy for you Ash. :)

  2. 12/10/2009 23:33

    oh, ash, it looks absolutely wonderful. congratulations on the lovely, new space.

  3. 13/10/2009 01:05

    Um, ok, so the guest room thing? It’s a deal. We’re on, lady.

    (I am going immediately to fave every stinking one of these. Those not on Flickr shall be faved by faving, un-faving and re-faving those posted.)

    Did you get all that?

  4. 13/10/2009 17:38

    it looks like a beautiful house! the second photo with the cups and the steam is so lovely.

  5. 14/10/2009 11:55

    that top shot made me catch my breath. so beautiful.

  6. 15/10/2009 12:43

    I sure hope you’ll go through a few rolls of film here. What a beautiful space. Congratulations! A new house is always so exciting!

  7. 15/10/2009 14:24

    oh my. such a beautiful home this will be.

  8. 15/10/2009 15:06

    this makes me want to move in…xo t

  9. 17/10/2009 18:42

    You captured it beautifully Ash – quiet, peaceful, breezy and light – lovely :)

  10. 19/10/2009 11:47

    these are so gorgeous!

  11. 19/10/2009 23:36

    your house is beautiful, it´s some of those houses with its own warm soul and personality, every corner seems to be saying: welcome home. congrats!

  12. 24/10/2009 15:09

    Oh that last shot is just gorgeous, Ash!

  13. james m permalink
    29/10/2009 11:42

    Nice stuff all these and please do shoot some more film in there :)

  14. 12/11/2009 07:05

    I followed you over from flickr (spotted your photo in explore) — what a joy! Your photography is beautiful and inspiring and your home looks wonderful.

  15. 24/11/2009 09:32

    what a glorious place to call home! just stumbled upon your blog. truly sweet!

  16. 25/11/2009 06:25

    Love these, especially the steaming cups!

  17. Jan's camera permalink
    19/04/2010 08:50

    Hi, these photos are lovely.


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