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shades of blue







Some film shots from a recent escape… Blue skies, horizons and tranquil water. Wouldn’t it be nice to run away to an island more often? Soothed by the sound of the waves as they wash up the sand, the biggest decision of the day being which film to load in the camera? Laying in a hammock and listening to the soft breeze in the trees, birds singing to you as you drift off to sleep.

Take me back please.

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  1. 25/08/2009 03:07

    Such beautiful blues. Yes, please. I would also like to go back to a place like this.

  2. Vanya permalink
    25/08/2009 06:46

    Wonderful images – its looks completely idyllic

  3. 25/08/2009 06:58

    beautiful shots

  4. 25/08/2009 09:33

    Lovely photos – and all those straight horizons. Blue, dipping into purple. Ahhhh.

  5. 25/08/2009 12:13

    Wonderful tranquil shots Ash – you are making me homesick!

  6. 31/08/2009 20:47

    oh my…. these are utterly beyoooootiful!

  7. 06/09/2009 00:08

    Hey great photos!

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