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big sky adventures


Sometimes I escape the office. And sometimes, it involves traveling out of town for work. I’ve actually had the pleasure of spending the last couple of days in the country, visiting really lovely people and absorbing some magnificent scenery.

As we concluded a tour of the region yesterday, the sun was setting and putting on a magnificent light show. We pulled to the side of the road, among fields of cotton and miles of open space to watch. It was a lovely way to end a busy day. Of course, I couldn’t help snapping a few polaroids while we were at it…


On the left is the view in front of me, on the right is the view behind. After I took these we all huddled over the developing images going “oohh”, “aahh”, “look!”. I think that’s one of the things I’ll miss most about polaroid.


I was also very lucky to have lovely, friendly clients, who didn’t mind holding cameras for me while I fiddled with more cameras. And there is always the inevitable question, “So, how many cameras do you have in that bag?”, followed by me “um… four. No wait, five”… “and a half”
*pulls out digital point n’ shoot*.

Hope the week is treating you nice!


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  1. 29/04/2009 21:41

    Lovely pictures!!!
    Happy Wednesday!

  2. 30/04/2009 01:58


    I knew you would do genius things with it. But that? Is genius squared.


  3. 30/04/2009 06:30

    oh ash. these are stunning.

    i was talking to someone the other day, standing on the balcony of the apartment where i am cat sitting – 17 floors up on a highrise tower downtown here in vancouver… i was explaining that i was ready to leave this city and he was like, what more could you want? wide open spaces and silence i said. but in my mind, i saw this.

  4. 30/04/2009 06:31

    oh also, that one of the house? church? it looks like you found this in some random box in an op shop. i love it.

  5. Ash permalink*
    30/04/2009 07:53

    happy wednesday to you too Kendall!

    thanks leah, the architecture around here was just screaming for chocolate. I could go back and shoot another 100 shots easy.

    right claire? there is something really special about all that silence and open space, especially after being in the city so long. It was so lovely to stand there and drink it in, even for just a short while. P.S, Thanks lady :)

  6. hellosweetworld permalink
    01/05/2009 03:28

    Great captures indeed! I always have more than one camera and i think people think i’m nuts…hehe. Everytime i get one they’re like “why do you need another camera?” Hehe…if only they could understand.

  7. 02/05/2009 02:51

    I’m back!! Tillbaka från Tyskland, läs gärna! Trevlig kväll och en glad första maj! :),

    Hur är det annars då? :)


  8. 02/05/2009 02:53

    That was Swedish. In English: I’m back from Germany. Feel free to read about my adventures there. By the way, is May 1st celebrated where you live?

    • Ash permalink*
      02/05/2009 09:16

      hi leonard, looks like you had some great adventures. we do celebrate May 1st here, as labor day.

  9. 04/05/2009 11:34

    Hey Ash! Such lovely photo’s! Any chance that it was out Chinchilla way? It just reminds me so much of it! Was just thinking too, not long now till you head off…. Lol.

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