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I have a confession to make…. I have a bag fetish. No matter how many bags I have, it’s never enough.
I still find myself looking and hunting for the perfect bag, justifying each one with it’s unique qualities that I absolutely need. I have a few—we won’t go into numbers here, that’s a long running joke in our house—that I use often, and a few that wait patiently in the wardrobe for their turn. But none of them are quite right for what I need now. That is, one that’s the perfect size to fit a couple of cameras plus all my other crap. It needs to be tough, well made, maybe leather, have a long sturdy strap and have pockets
in all the right places. Oh, and I have to love it’s style of course.

So with these qualities in mind, Here’s a little list of contenders…


{from left to right}

1. Thrush, by Ashley Watson
2. Buckle Bag, by Nancy Bird
3. Upcycled Tote, from Fruit Salad Vintage
4. Large ruffle bag, by Made By Hank

and this is definitely going on my wish list…


Thanks to Leah who introduced me to hard graft.

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  1. 10/04/2009 10:47

    those bags are gorgeous. i have such a hard time finding the right one though. like you, i prefer a sturdy one as i always carry at least two (sometimes three – eek!) cameras on me.
    i actually have a madebyhank bag – they’re made very well. it is the same as the large ruffle bag but without the ruffles. while i was back home in socal i used it for a month straight. i don’t think my sx-70 ever left that bag. it also has pockets inside that is perfect for a pack of 600 film.
    anyway, my apologies for the brief bag review – hehe. i’ll have to check out the other links you posted. i could use a new bag for spring. :)

  2. 10/04/2009 14:14

    mmmm, bags! I was thinking about bags today.

    You already know how I feel about hard graft – so completely on my wish list. And Ashley Watson. Oh do I want one. But now you’ve got me lusting after the Upcycled Tote – oh dear, and there’s only one!! eep.

    I’m also mad, mad, MAD for S.Stein Design bags.

    Clearly we know what’s on this lady’s wish list…

  3. 16/04/2009 01:48

    i’m just hoping to pick my ashely watson bag up this week :)

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