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the week that was


What a busy week, wow. Sometimes I wish there was an extra day, just so I could catch up on my “to do” list. It would be called Tododay and would come after Sunday, then we could all start the week with a clean slate.

I did manage to fit a bit of fun time in last weekend though. I even climbed a tree (well, I wanted to go higher but will have to go back when I’m… um, not wearing a skirt), which we should all do when the chance arises. Best fun of all was spending some quality time with my Pentax K1000, I’d forgotten how much I love that camera and i think it’s going to be taking many more of my daily photos. So stay tuned for some more 35mm experiments and fun.





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  1. 31/03/2009 23:38

    Love the layout of your new blog Ash, looks AMAZING! So I guess that means we should all update our links to your wordpress rather than blogger one?

  2. 01/04/2009 00:58


    Your new home suits your perfectly. Love it.

    Would write in complete sentences but is not yet 8am.


  3. hellosweetworld permalink
    01/04/2009 05:57

    Love the photos. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. Ash permalink*
    01/04/2009 07:44

    thanks guys!
    welcome to my new home :)

    oh yes max! update links.

  5. 01/04/2009 09:48

    gosh, these photos are all so amazing. loove the light in them! and i must admit, i think i will miss your old blog. i remember when i first landed on it how incredibly i LOVED it. but i’m sure your photos will still be as lovely. :)


  6. 01/04/2009 11:27

    hi ash! the new place looks dope. love the one of you in the tree and looking forward to your dailies with the pentax. ;)



  7. 01/04/2009 23:12

    Had such a good time on the weekend Ash, thanks for a great day out and will deffinitely have to wear shorts too for the next adventure :). Love the new look of the blog too – very you!

  8. 02/04/2009 07:59

    Hi Ash – Love your new home! I like the idea of this tododay too:) I want one!

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